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As a teacher, my book collection can get very big.  I find it very difficult to remember the titles that I have in my collection and to keep track of all of my books.  If you have the same problem as I do....I have the perfect app for you.  It is called Book Crawler.

Book Crawler is a free app that you can download to your phone or tablet to catalogue your books.  It is great for teachers because you can use it to keep a list of all the books in your classroom library.

This is a new book I just got in my latest shipment of math themed children's books.  I am going to add it to my collection so that the teachers in my school can check it out.  I am going to walk you through the process of cataloguing a book.

After you download the app, click on the app from your phone or tablet.

Click on the word Books.

Click the word New in the upper right corner.

Click ISBN Scanner.

Scan the bar code on the back of the book.

After you scan the bar code, you will see this screen.  I love how the book cover automatically pops up.  The title, author, copyright, and genre do as well.  Don't worry if a picture doesn't come up for your book.  You can easily snap a pic and add it to the book information.

Then it will take you back to the screen with a list of all of your books.  You can see below that this book has been added to my collection.

I love love love love love this app!  It really helps me to remember what I own and what I need to buy.  Look at all of these fabulous math themed children's book we just received.  This app will help me to stay organized.

Do you use something like this in your classroom?  If not, how do you keep track of the many books you own?   
Let me know below!

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Number Talks! Get your students Talking!

Do your students struggle to make sense of mathematical concepts?

Do your students solve mathematical problems using only one strategy?
Do your students struggle with mathematical coversations?

If you answered YES to any of these questions....

I have a great solution for you....


I introduced number talks at my school on last year and they have made a difference in many classrooms.

In this post, you will learn the 5 basic steps to conducting a number talk.  In future posts, we will explore more about number talks and resources to get you started in doing your own number talks.

What is a number talk?
A number talk is a quick classroom discussion that allows students to share their mathematical thinking.  A few of the things you can see during a number talk can include the following:
  • Student Conversation
    • Students simply talk about the problem and share strategies they used to solve the problem.
  • Class Discussion
    • Students really dig deep into a problem and begin to discuss if they agree or disagree.  They are also comparing solutions and helping each under reach understanding of the math.
  • Quick Math Talk
    • Students engaging in number talks lasting from 5 to 15 minutes.  Number talks are meant to be a quick way for students to solve and talk about the math.  They can serve as a great intro to the math lesson.
  • Accountable Talk Stems
    • Students can start their discussion with stems such as I agree with... or The strategy I used was....

How to do a Number Talk?
You can use the following 5 easy steps to get started with doing your own number talks in your classroom.
  • Present a problem to the class.
    • Problems can be presented in many ways.  One way is as an equation.

  • Allow students to figure out the answer individually.
    • When students have an answer, have them to make a thumbs up and put it on their chest.  This way students are not distracted by their classmates if they are still thinking.  After students know an answer, you can encourage them to think of another strategy they could use.  They should add more fingers to their thumbs up.

  • Have a few students to share answers aloud or have students share their answer with a partner.
    • Collect all the answers said or limit it to 4 answers.

  • Lead students in sharing their strategies and thinking.
    • As students share their strategies and thinking, record their thinking on the board and label their thinking with their name.  Students also identify the answer that they think is right and present a strategy to prove that is the correct answer. 

  • As a class, agree on the correct answer based on the strategies that were shared.
    • During this time, students that got an incorrect answer are able to see what went wrong in their strategy and they are able to agree with the class.  Discussing these misconceptions as a class helps students to deepen their thinking.

5 Steps to a Number Talk FREE RESOURCE
I hope you will enjoy the free resource below as you start on your number talk journey. 

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Number Talks in the classroom help build number sense in your students.  Learn how to do one with this post.

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Social Studies Bundle: Get a Closer Look

Hi Pals!
I have heard from so many teacher friends around the world about the lack of having a Social Studies curriculum.  This is a big concern for me and I wanted to make a curriculum that would be easy to implement and allow teachers to incorporate social studies in their day of learning.

I am so excited to give you a closer look at my Social Studies Bundle.  It is perfect for primary students.  The target range is Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade.  In this post, you will learn about all the resources and materials that come in the bundle.  I will have a lesson freebie at the end of the post so you can try it out with your students.

This Social Studies Bundle consists of 15 units.  Each unit comes with lesson plans and resources to teach each unit.  These units are made to be flexible to fit the needs of your students.  You can decide when, how, and what works best for your kiddos.  Each lesson in the units are made to last about 30 minutes.  However, you can space them out over 1 day, 2 days, or even 3 days.  I created this Social Studies Bundle to give my teacher friends an easy low prep way to fit in Social Studies during their school day.

Check out this FREE curriculum map below to get a more in-depth look at all the lessons that come with each unit.

Each Unit includes the following:

Take a Closer Look at the Components Below!












Just click HERE and you can try out Lesson 1 from my Economics Unit 4.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my Social Studies Bundle.  Remember there are 15 units and a total of 59 engaging NO PREP lessons to complete throughout the year.  There are over 700 pages in this bundle.

Click Here to Purchase the money saving bundle.

or Click the links below to go to the individual units inn my TPT store.

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January Activities: FREE for your Classroom

Hi All!
I hope your new year has started out wonderful!  Happy 2017!!

I wanted to bring to your attention some of the freebies I have in my store for the month of January.  Some of these freebies I have had for a long time.  I thought it would be good to put them all in one place for easy to find links for download.  Feel free to pin and share!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Freebies

All in one foldable that includes reading, comprehension, fluency, art, writing, and vocabulary.

If you like this tri-fold, you can check out many more HERE!

Bubble Map, Class Book Pages, Coloring Page, Writing Pages,
+ more

You can check out the full unit HERE!

Winter Sports Freebie

Word Search, Writing Pages, Class Book, Vocabulary Pages,
+ more

You can check out the full unit HERE!

Writing Freebies

The complete January writing journal can be found HERE!!

Winter Animal Freebies

Writing Organizer, Tree Map Labels, Bubble Map, Writing Pages, and Vocabulary Cards for each Animal

I really hope you enjoy these FREEBIES and I hope they make great activities for your students!!!

You can also check out my January Printables and
January Centers!!  They are on sale for the entire month of January!!  The printables include 50 pages of writing, reading, and math printables.  The centers include 10 math and 10 reading centers for the entire month!!!

Happy January!!!
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