50 Followers and Freebies!!!!

I am so excited about making it to 50 followers.  I am glad I decided to start this blogging journey.  It has been very enjoyable so far.   I have 3 freebies to celebrate! Hope you can use them!

Click here for September Writing Assessment!!!
I use this at the end of each month to show progress in my students writing.  I keep them on a bulletin board and staple the new month on top.  At the end of the year, they have a writing portfolio.  You can get the entire unit in my TPT store.

I use this with my students when we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See?  It can go in my writing center so they can write sentences using words from the story.  This page is apart of my Brown bear Unit which is available in my TPT store.
I made these for my writing center.  Students used the color words to write sentences.  I used the color posters whole group and in small groups to teach color words.


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Manic Monday with Classroom Freebies

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I wanted to share a freebie I made to help my class with short vowel word families.  The link includes 7 sorts. Click on the link below!!  Happy Sorting!!!

Click Here for Word Sorts Freebie!!!!


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Made It Monday Linky Party

Im am so excited to link up with 4th Grade Frolics

 for  the Monday Made It linky party.  It's my first one! I love to get freebies from other teachers and to share my own.

Freebie #1-Short Vowel Sorts for Word Families-We have started short a this week and I made some sorts for our word work journals.

Click Here for Sorts Freebie!!!

Freebie #2- Apples Unit Word Search- We will be starting apples really soon and I made a fun word search to introduce some key words.

Click here for Word Search!!!

Freebie #3- Letter Revie Sheets- I made these for our first grade to do to review letters.  So many students came in this year without knowing a lot of the letters.  This has helped along with practice everyday.  The freebie includes a sheet for letters A-Z.  Below are examples of A, B, and C.

Click here for Letter Sheets Freebie!!!

And there it is..... ENJOY!!!


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Back to School Books Linky party

I am linking up with  Blog Hoppin for their Back to School Linky Party and Giveaway.  The following are some of my favorite books to read to my kiddos on the first day of school and beginning of a new school year.

1. The Night Before First Grade-This is a great book to read to first graders.  It talks about the previous year in kindergarten in the book.  It makes the kids think about the previous year and a brand new year.  It also discusses it being okay if you are not in the same room with a friend from the previous year.

2.  Mouse's First Day- This is a good book that has surprises on each page.  The kids guess what mouse sees at school just by looking at a small piece of the item.  For example: a pencil.  Just a fun read aloud.

3. First Day Jitters- This book has my name written all over it.  I think I am more nervous on the first day than my kiddos.  I truly have sweaty palms and the nervous shakes.  But after a few weeks its smooth sailing.....hopefully.

4. Howard B, Wigglebottom Learns to Listen- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!  My mom bought it for me and it so good with teaching students the proper rules for school.  In the beginning of the book Howard doesnt listen.  It shows the bad things that could happen from not listneing.  By the end of the book, it shows Howard listening.  He is happy at the end because he is a good listener.

5.  David Goes to School- This book is a must for the beginning of the school year.  It goes well with a rules lesson.  Each page shows a rule that David breaks.  At this time, for each page, we discuss why David should not act this way.  THis book really helps the students a lot.

6. Chrysanthemum-I like to use this book to discuss bullying and names.  It is important to teach students about bullying because even at a young age it happens a lot.  We have a lot of fun using this book to complete activities using each student's name.

7. Pete the Cat- This is the newest book I have added to my collection.  We had so much fun jammin with Pete. I love my BLUE shoes! I love my BLUE shoes!  They really danced along and sang the song.  The cd of the book is awesome and it was a fun book for the first week of school.

8.  The Kissing Hand- I think this book will forever be my favorite back to school book.  It is just so sweet and the students really love the kissing hand secret.  I dont know if this book was out when I was little but I know i would have loved it.  I defintely needed it! I was such a daddy's girl and wanting to stay at home with him.

9.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?- What more can I say?  One of the most popular children's book I know. Love it!!!

10. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom- A great book for letter recognition and matching uppercase/lowercase letters.  The video is super cute! It is on Safari.

And there it is.... my favorite back to school books!!! :-)

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Freebie from my Write The Room Unit

This unit includes the following skills:
For Beginning Sounds, Shapes, Colors, Number Words, Word Families, Sight Words, Syllables, Vocabulary, Rhyming Words, Ending Sounds, and Nouns

Here is a two page freebie download from my write the room unit on my TPT.

Click Here to Download Freebie!!!


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Some updated Classroom Pics

100th Day of School Countdown

Calendar Board-You can find the month headers, days of the week, seasons, and calendar numbers in my TPT store.

Schedule- The cards are in my TPT as well.

How we get home-These are in my TPT as well

Some popcorn buckets I love to use in my classroom.


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Another Freebie!!!

Here is another freebie from my Brown Bear unit on TPT! I just finished it up last week.  I love using this book at the beginning of the year. The students love it!!
Click here to Download!


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