I am celebrating my 4 year wedding anniversary today! Yay me!

I was finally able to make 6 more Common Core Math Mini Book packets.
I now have them bundled in my TPT store.
I have put them on sale and will keep them on sale for back to school.

I will be using these each week with my students.  They are a great review of Common Core Math Standards.  It includes 50 mini books.  The standards are in the corner of each problem.
Standards Covered
Numbers to 10
 Adding Numbers to 10
Comparing Numbers to 30
Comparing Lengths of Objects
Tens and Ones to 20
Fractions (half of)
Word Problems (addition)
 Numbers to 20
Adding Numbers to 20 using the making ten strategy
Comparing Numbers to 50
Comparing Lengths of Objects
Tens and Ones to 50
Fractions (fourth of)
Word Problems (subtraction)
Counting On at any given number
  Comparing Numbers to 100
Tens and Ones to 100
Ten More Ten Less
Time to the Hour and Half Hour
Word Problems with Three Addends
Counting on from any Number up to 100
  Counting on to solve Addition problems to 20
Finding ten more or ten less than a number up to 100
Counting tens by tens
Drawing time to the hour and half hour
Word Problems with Three Addends
Subtraction from 10 using counting down strategy
Adding 3 Numbers
Writing Numbers to 100
Place Value to 100
Filling in missing numbers using ten more ten less strategy
Fractions - Half of
Word Problems with addition - Unknown Addend situation
Number Patterns to 100
Subtraction from 20 using counting down strategy
Adding 2 digit numbers
Ten More Ten Less I more 1 less
Fractions - fourth of
Word problems with subtraction and unknown number
Making equations true or false using plus or minus
Time to Hour and Half Hour
Graphing and Data
Comparing Numbers to 100
Fact Families
Ten More, Ten Less
Counting to 120
Word Problems
Place Value
Comparing Numbers
Fact families
Addition and Subtraction
Word Problems
Ten More ten less
Even/odd numbers
Number patterns
Tens and Ones
Comparing Numbers to 100
  Ten More, Ten Less, One more, One less
Adding 3 numbers
Word Problems
Missing Addends
Counting by 5's up to 120
Greater than Less than and Equal to
Ten More and Ten Less
Time to the Hour and Half Hour
Adding 3 Numbers
Word Problems

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  1. Congratulations on your 4th Wedding Anniversary!!!! May God continue to richly bless your marriage - children, success, unconditional love, patience, understanding, faith, prosperity and many many more years to come.

    Take care and be blessed
    Thanks for the freebies.

  2. Happy Anniversay to you and your husband. May God continue bless you union. I just love married couples.

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  8. Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for the freebies! Your Mini Math Books look fabulous!


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  9. I LOVE your common core materials! I have the mini-books bundle and the mega bundle, too. Quick question for you: What math series does your school use? We currently use Everyday Math and its SO hard for first graders. Just wondering which one your school uses...