Five for Friday NEWBIE!!!

 I am so excited to participate in my first Five for Friday Linky with Doodlebugs!!!
1. Snowbird- We had a visit from the famous Snowbird from our local news station.  He was hilarious and taught the kids about penguins.
2.  Winter Olympics Program-  Our first graders did a wonderful job in their program this week.  The theme was the Winter Olympics.  They sung songs, demonstrated some of the sports, and made art projects.
3.  Place Value Fun- You can read all about my day with place value over at The Primary Chalkboard blog. Click the picture.

4.  Winter Olympics Unit- We started this yesterday! So much fun!  Don't miss out on my Olympic Freebies!!!  Click the picture!

5.  My mama's Bday-  Today is her bday and I love her so much!!! My favorite pic with her!!!

GO link up!!!
Doodle Bugs Teaching


  1. Thanks so much for that link to The Primary Chalkboard. WOW! There are so many awesome games I had NO IDEA about. Thanks for sharing that! Love the pic of you and your mom. Happy birthday to her! Hope you get to see her this weekend and have a great time!
    Monahan Monkey Madness

    1. I wish! I live out of town but as soon as I can I am going there with her to celebrate!

  2. I love all the Olympic units I see everyone using. I have seen some really great units out there. Happy birthday to your mom. Be sure to love her up for her birthday!! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks! It is so much fun t learn about all of the sports!