5 for Friday

This has been an awesome week!!!  Here is my recap of 5 events from the week.
It was my birthday week!!!  My birthday was yesterday and I had a great time.  I celebrated 3 times yesterday with my first grade team, some more coworkers, and a host of good friends.  It was the big 3-0 for me. Here are a few pics.


You can register for a giveaway over at Primary Chalkboard to win a premium membership to Go Noodle.  It is a site full of brain breaks for students.  It is so much fun!!! 
Check out my post below by clicking on my GoNoodle picture!
Click the GoNoodle button below to go register for your own free account!
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 All the Chalkies
My family visited me for Easter.  We went shopping and ate a lot.  I enjoyed spending time with my niece.

I went to a mini blogger meet up with some fabulous bloggers!
I posted a freebie that you can get by clicking below!!!
Photo: Sweet synonyms project!!!!
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GoNoodle Brain Breaks ROCK!!!

Hi Friends!!!!
Have you heard of GoNoodle???
It is a fabulous free site full of brain breaks for your students to do.  It tracks their progress and keeps them motivated to get them done.  I never worry anymore on days that is rainy.  We can't go out for  recess but we can stay inside and do these fun brain breaks.
Sign up for GoNoodle by clicking on the button below!!!
GoNoodle classroom brain breaks.
All you need to do is sign up for a free account and you can start fun brain breaks with your own kiddos!
Here are some pictures of my class doing them.  Some friends were very shy but they quickly began to enjoy it.  We have already gotten to level 2 because of all the minutes we have completed.  My favorite brain break is the kids zumba videos.


If you use this with your class and love it, you can become a go noodle plus member and have access to even more brain breaks.
I also had a special visitor from the GoNoodle company to come to my school and drop off some goodies for us.  Here is what we got.  We got some really cool pencils but I couldnt get the picture to load.

Here I am with my GoNoodle shirt on!!! So excited!!!
Before you go....Dont forget to check out our group post about GoNoodle over at Primary Chalkboard.  There is a premium version available in our giveaway on the Primary Chalkboard Blog.  
You can click on our header to go to the post!!!
Primary Chalkboard


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Sweet Synonyms FREEBIE!!!

Hey Guys!
We have been having a blast this week in my classroom!!!
My firsties rocked synonyms!!!
We had a lot of fun with this packet from A Teeny Tiny Teacher
Picture Cards for Antonyms and Synonyms
We used the synonym cards to play a partner matching game.  Each student was given a card and had to find someone who made a synonym match with them.  They loved it!
Picture Cards for Antonyms and Synonyms
I then put the cards in a center for the students to match up and fill out a recording sheet that comes with the packet.
We completed a synonyms project called Sweet Synonyms.  You can get it below!!!
Photo: Sweet synonyms project!!!!


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Firstie Friends Product Swap, New Blog Design, and a Bundle Palooza Party

 Good Morning!  Its a great sunny day.  The perfect day for a Firstie Friends Product Swap! I joined in with some other first grade teachers.  We each partnered up and shared products.  We actually used these units with our own classrooms and now we are blogging about what all happened.  A special thank you goes to Cassie Carter Thompson of Adventures in Teaching .  She organized and put this all together.  You can check out her blog by clicking on her button below.
Adventures in Teaching
Check out all of the firstie friends that participated.
I had the great honor of being paired up with Deirdre Eldredge of A Burst of First
Her blog is super cute!  She will be sharing about my Common Core Math Mini Books.  You can check it out by clicking on her button below!
A Burst of First
I looked through her amazing TPT store and found so many wonderful resources.  I decided to pick her Phonics Printables Long Vowel Silent E Packet.  We are studying long vowels and it was the perfect addition.
Phonics Printables- Silent E (Common Core Aligned)

Here are some pics of some of the activities we completed in the unit! 

This product include 5 printables for
AND 5 mixed practice printable- these include e_e

You can use these in your classroom in a variety of ways- homework, morning work, independent practice, small group work, remediation and more!

For each vowel set there are the following worksheets.
-Write and Color the Picture
-Finish the Sentence
-Word Search
-Color Vowels and Consonants
-Cut, Glue and Match

For additional practice there is;
Word Wizard- Spinner Activity (2 versions)
I Have. Who Has? (24 cards)
Silent e BINGO (24 cards)
Blank BINGO form to make your own BINGO!

I love love LOVE this unit!!!

You can win all of the units that were swapped by entering the giveaway below!!!

Good luck!!!

http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/31ce523/" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

http://new.inlinkz.com//luwpview.php?id=393747" title="click to view in an external page.">An InLinkz Link-up

So....as you can see I got a blog makeover!!! I just love it!  Thanks to Kassie Garlock of Designs by Kassie  You can check out her blog here if you need a redesign!!!  She was AWESOME to work with!!!


 and lastly I am having my first Bundle Palooza party!!!
Anytime I host a party it will feature one of my time saving BUNDLES for only 10 Bucks!!!!

This is the Ultimate Common Core Math Standards BUNDLE for first grade. This unit focuses on all of the CCSS Math standards for First grade. There is a preassessment/quick check, post assessment, no prep printables, and a math center with a recording sheet for each standard. This unit can be used throughout the year. It can be used whole group, small group, and individually. It is great for higher kindergarten students and great for lower level second grade students. Your students will love the easy to use format!!!



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