Wordless Wednesday Link Up

Thanks to the fabulous Christina for hosting the fun Wordless Wednesday Linky Party.  This is my first time and I am super excited!

We can checkout tablets for students to use during centers.
Can anybody recommend some good apps for reading and math?


  1. Hi Latoya- I have ipads in my first grade classroom and they are wonderful. Some apps I can recommend off the top of my head are:
    Teach me first grade-each child progresses at their own level
    subitize tree
    pocket phonics
    spelling 1-2
    math slide
    There are many, many others, but those are my go to apps. Also, Math Learning Center has some free apps that are great.
    Definitely download Apps Gone Free onto your personal device so you get alerts to apps free for a limited amount of time.

    1. Thanks! I cant wait to try all of these! Such a big help!

  2. We love Splash Math! :) Thanks for linking up!! :) -Christina :)

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  4. My kids really like Superwhy! It's based on a show they like. I like it because it focuses on building vocabulary, reading skills and writing skills!

    Hooked on phonics is also a staple! It was free on the app store last week for Teacher Appreciation week (not sure if it still is!)

    Aesop's quest is also really great for students who need a challenge. It uses Aesop's fables to focus on building comprehension skills!

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