Common Core Math Sampler Pack FREEBIES and starting the countdown!!!!

Hi all!

Today I thought I would give an in-depth look at my Common Core Math Bundle for First Grade and provide you with a sampler pack to try out in your own classroom.  First let me tell you more about the BUNDLE.

The unit focuses on all of the Common Core Math Standards for First Grade. There is a preassessment/quick check, post assessment, no prep printable(s), and a math center with a recording sheet for each standard. This unit can be used throughout the year. It can be used whole group, small group, or individually. It is great for higher kindergarten students and great for lower level second grade students. It has a quick and easy to use format!!! 

Im so excited!  The countdown is on! In less than 3 weeks I will be Vegas bound.  I am so excited.  I am ready to meet teacher bloggers from all over the country.  It is going to be a blast.  I am really excited I already printed my nametag.
I also ordered some business cards.  I'm official now!!! lol
 That's all folks!!!


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Great Summer Finds and a Few FREEBIES!!!

Hi All!!!
I have been doing some shopping recently.  I took a road trip to Atlanta with some of my favorite teacher buddies.  We had a great time.  The entire trip was filled with laughs and silliness.  It was weird leaving out for a trip on a Monday but it ended up working out for us.  We ate so much while we where there.  We went to Pappadeaux(love it!), Tin Lizzy's, Brio Tuscan Grill, The Varsity(I love hot dogs!), and of course IKEA(50 cent hot dogs who could resist lol).  We spent 5 hours in IKEA!!!  We also went on Monday and on Wednesday.  I bought a desk finally for my home.  I am working at it right now.  I love it!!!  It took the hubby about an hour to put it together.  I helped lol.  We also went to a local teacher store and I had my first visit to a Lakeshore Store.  It was fabulous!!!!  We went to the mall and stayed in a very nice hotel.  I cant wait to go back!!!!
Here we are in the car, at IKEA, and the Coke Museum!!!
Photo: Fun times!
Photo: Let the Atlanta girls trip commence!!! I heart ikea!!!
Anyways while we where there I found some great treasures to use in my classroom.
First up are these Mini Stamper Markers from Lakeshore.  I got them on sale for 1.99 at the Lakeshore store and they are on sale online too.  Click here to check them out!!!
I am going to have my students use these stampers to make models for addition and subtraction equations.  Here is a sample below.  You can also get these freebie recording sheets below.
Up next are these fabulous Place Value Windows by Carson Dellosa.  Students can use these to find ten more ten less one more and one less.   These were only 5 bucks.  It comes with 30 charts and 30 windows to use.  This will really help each student as we learn this skill.  I love the fact that every child can have their own and they can be used during math groups.  I am including a FREEBIE recording sheet to go with these below. Enjoy!
Last up are these hooks and clips that I found for 2 bucks at IKEA.  There are 24 hooks and 24 clips.  Can you guess what I am going to use them for?  We all bought some and we are going to use them to hang up our anchor charts around the room on a clothesline.  These will be better than clothespins because they are mobile while they are on the line.  You can scoot them down and not have to clip them up again.  We love it!!!
I believe that's all!  I am going to go have a breakfast smoothie.  Yummy!


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Flying into Second Grade and Win my latest Decor pack!!!!!

Happy Saturday Friends! 
SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!  My last day of school was Tuesday.  I'm so happy!
Long time since I last posted.  Since I last posted I have packed up my first grade classroom.  I moved everything to my new classroom which is a portable.  I was in a portable my first year with kindergarten so I know I will be ok.  I will be blogging about it though.  We have 22 portables so we call it being in portable land lol.  Anyways...I have unpacked everything and got everything set up for next year.  I still have some things to put on the wall but for the most part its done.  I will not have a ton to do when I go back. 

Did I mention that my new classroom is for second grade!!!  I am looping with my entire class and I am thrilled.  I think it will be an interesting experience.  I have never taught second but I am excited for the challenge.  So now I'm wondering should I change my blog to Flying into Second.  What do you all think?
I made a Décor pack yesterday that includes 222 pages of goodies for you to use in your room.  If you would like to win just leave me a comment with your email and 1 lucky person will win this pack!!!
Have a great weekend!!!


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