It's CURRENTLY September!!!

I am linking up with Farley for her monthly Currently linky.  I havent done one in awhile so I am super excited to link up.

Now you can go link up too!


  1. Got to visit Philadelphia a few years ago! So fun! It was really nice being off today! Enjoy the cookout!
    The Techie Playground 

  2. Have fun at your BBQ! I'm right there with ya in regards to getting my lesson plans done. It is just so difficult to do over the weekend! There is always something more fun to do.

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  3. Don't you just love our days off?!? The BBQ sounds amazing!! Nothing like grilling BBQ for Labor Day!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  4. Latoya,

    Your blog is too too cute!!! I love the hot air balloons and cloud background. I should probably also be thinking of cleaning, but I don't want to! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

    A LoveLi Class

  5. BBQ sounds amazing right now. And I was absolutely wowed by Philly! Even being from Chicago myself, I found it to be quite an amazing city.

    Paiges of Learning

  6. I'm up for a BBQ although it would be way too far to travel to see you. I haven't been to Philly yet either, maybe I'll have to add that to my travel list. Hope you had a good time with friends on your day off!

    Teaching Doodles

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