January Activities: FREE for your Classroom

Hi All!
I hope your new year has started out wonderful!  Happy 2017!!

I wanted to bring to your attention some of the freebies I have in my store for the month of January.  Some of these freebies I have had for a long time.  I thought it would be good to put them all in one place for easy to find links for download.  Feel free to pin and share!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Freebies

All in one foldable that includes reading, comprehension, fluency, art, writing, and vocabulary.

If you like this tri-fold, you can check out many more HERE!

Bubble Map, Class Book Pages, Coloring Page, Writing Pages,
+ more

You can check out the full unit HERE!

Winter Sports Freebie

Word Search, Writing Pages, Class Book, Vocabulary Pages,
+ more

You can check out the full unit HERE!

Writing Freebies

The complete January writing journal can be found HERE!!

Winter Animal Freebies

Writing Organizer, Tree Map Labels, Bubble Map, Writing Pages, and Vocabulary Cards for each Animal

I really hope you enjoy these FREEBIES and I hope they make great activities for your students!!!

You can also check out my January Printables and
January Centers!!  They are on sale for the entire month of January!!  The printables include 50 pages of writing, reading, and math printables.  The centers include 10 math and 10 reading centers for the entire month!!!

Happy January!!!
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  1. you propose a lot of activities! I like it, I hope my children will do all the exercises!

  2. thanks for these activities! you are a good teacher and example for everyone!

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