Social Studies Interactive Read Alouds

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Today I wanted to share about Social Studies Interactive Read Alouds and how you can use them during your social studies block.  Did someone say Freebie....of course there is a FREEbie just for you!!  I will be sharing a planning page that you can use with any social studies read aloud.

What are Interactive Read Alouds?

 An interactive read aloud is a literacy activity that encourages students to
 actively engage in listening and talking about the text throughout the entire 
read aloud.

What are Social Studies Interactive Read Alouds?
 A social studies interactive read aloud allows students to actively engage in listening to a text, answering questions about a text, and talking about a text. The text focuses on different strands from social studies such as culture, economics, social skills, citizenship, geography, history, and government.

Why should you use Social Studies Read Alouds?
·       Connects to real life experiences for students
·       Enables students to gain a deeper love and understanding of reading
·       Allows students to see real world pictures and gain new knowledge
·       Helps students to appreciate the world around them

Here are two examples of social studies read alouds.

Steps to use the Social Studies Read Aloud Planning sheet

(See the Example Below for more Details)
1. Pick a book based on the specific skill or theme for your social studies unit. You can find a few suggested titles HERE!
2. Tie in your standard and objective.
3. Pick out any tricky words or unfamiliar words to teach and explain to students. Share visuals to help students access the meaning of the words.
4. Write a short book intro for students. This can be about 2-3 sentences that get your excited about the book.
5. Make sure to activate student prior knowledge.  This will help you find out what they already know about the topic.
6. Pick the comprehension strategy that you will focus on.
7. Go through the book and determine questions that you will ask throughout the book.  Use post-it notes to mark the pages.
8. Think of a follow up activity such as a graphic organizer.

Here are more detailed examples from both books using my social studies read aloud planner.

You can grab your free copy of the Social Studies Read Aloud planning sheet HERE!

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